Ziploc V159 Black Vacuum Seal Food Saving Machine with (3) Quart Bags (2) Gallon Bags (1) .5L Canister

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SKU 052329071643
Height 19.50
Width 8.00
Depth 9.50
This Ziploc V159 Food Vacuum Sealer Machine is an ideal way to keep your foods
fresh. Moisture and air that interact with your food can cause bacteria, mold
and mildew to accumulate, spoiling your food before you've even had a chance
to eat it. Vacuum sealing your food extends its shelf life and preserves its
natural great taste by removing the air that would normally cause it to spoil.
It slows the growth of bacteria, keeps out mold and mildew, prevents freezer
burn and keeps moisture away from items that must be stored dry. This food
sealer machine with (3) quart bags (2) gallon bags (1) .5L canister is easy to
use. The chamber opens wide for easy cleaning. It also has an automatic
unlocking feature that releases the bag once it is sealed. The food saving
machine, black, also has a locking lid and a LED indicator light as well as a
vacuum and seal button and an instant seal button.
  • Easy to clean chamber that opens wide so you can easily wipe it down
  • The sealing strip on the food sealer machine with (3) quart bags (2) gallon bags (1) .5L canister has been rigorously tested to ensure years of normal use
  • The cord wraps around the back of the machine which allows you to keep excess cord out of sight
  • The V159 Machine has an automatic unlock which immediately releases the bag once sealing is complete