Roblox Game Pack Action Figure, Innovation Labs

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SKU 681326107422
Height 1.50
Width 2.80
Depth 2.00
Color:Innovation Labs Roblox Innovation Labs Game Pack Action Figures
Charcters included: Madattak and Zombiologist Jetpacks, lasers, zombies,
dematerialization deviceswhat could possibly go wrong? Use the power of
science to help Roblox developer madattak demystify the secrets of the
universe at his underground research facility! Welcome to Innovation Labs!
Its your first day on the job and somebody has already triggered a
thermonuclear meltdown, unleashed a zombie outbreak, and dematerialized your
lunch. Use the power of science to help Roblox developer madattak restore his
research facility back to its former glory or stir up your own mischief.
Whatever you do, don't push that big red button.
  • Roblox Innovation Labs set lets you start or stop zombie outbreaks or thermonuclear meltdowns with Madattak and the Zombiologist
  • Explore the hours of fun with Roblox action figures and endless possibilities to be had, great for solo or mix and match scenarios
  • Create and discover different Laboratory experiments with Roblox Innovation Labs Game Pack then mix and match their parts to build your own unique Robloxian
  • Comes with an exclusive virtual game code
  • Collect all your favorite Roblox action figures today