Hot Wheels Minecraft Evoker Trap Playset

Hot Wheels
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SKU 887961326635
Height 2.20
Width 10.00
Depth 10.00
Style:Evoker Trap Playset Minecraft and Hot Wheels team up for exciting
adventures with an assortment of one-of-a-kind track sets that resemble the
wildly popular video game and include a launcher and track. Go on a mission to
find and claim the Evoker Treasure! Launch to battle past the Fang and blast
the Evoker out of the path! Succeed to enter the Treasure Chamber and capture
the loot! Fuel your kids' imagination as they create stories and take on the
perils of the Minecraft world in the Hot Wheels Minecart to defeat dangerous
Minecraft Mobs. Set includes a gold Alex mini-figure, a Hot Wheels Minecart,
pull back launcher, and track.
  • Engage your kids' imagination by recreating authentic game moments
  • Kids play and create their own action-adventures just like in the game
  • Launch the Hot Wheels Minecart with mini-figure at the Minecraft Mobs from the popular video game
  • Two different sets with either Alex or Steve mini-figure, Hot Wheels Minecart, launcher, and track
  • Collect them all