Fisher-Price Octonauts Gup-V & Tweak Vehicle Toy

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SKU 887961420920
Height 4.50
Width 3.40
Depth 8.60
Inspired by the green bomber worm, the Octonauts' gup-v can launch glowing
"flares" when it needs to divert a sea creature's unwanted attention or send
out a rescue signal! this train-like transport vehicle can launch glow-in-the-
dark flares from its sides and top catapult, and it comes fully-equipped with
a creature rescue tank. The gup-v comes with tweak, 2 glow-in-the-dark flares,
and a bomber worm to rescue.
  • Press the button on the top of the gup-v to launch the flares from the side of the vehicle!
  • Load the flare into the catapult and pull it back to launch!
  • Creature rescue tank opens to transport the Bomber Worm
  • Octo-glow! includes 2 glow-in-the-dark flares and a glowing Bomber Worm to rescue
  • Recreate your favorite moments from the Octonauts TV show