Black Magic

swollen members
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SKU 016581228023
Height 1.00
Width 5.00
Depth 10.00
Battle Ax Records has joined forces with TVT Distribution to distribute
Swollen Members new release, Black Magic. Over two years in the making, Black
Magic sees Swollen Members returning to the dark signature sound they have
become synonymous with. A melting pot of introspective lyrics, bookworm
intellectualism, aggressive beats and party-rocking jams, the album features
collaborations with Ghostface Killah (Wu-Tang Clan), Everlast, Dilated
Peoples, Mr. Vegas, Hieroglyphics, The Alchemist, Mix Master Mike, Planet
Asia, Phil The Agony, and more. Storming out of hibernation with their sights
firmly focused on the United States, Swollen Members are poised to begin an
endless barrage of touring, bringing their renowned live show and sound to the